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Singapore-Marriage Requirements


Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Singapore

Allotted time:

Allow least 36 days from arrival in Singapore to wedding date for processing paperwork (15 days of stay  is required to file for a Notice of Marriage—after filing another 21 days is necessary before the wedding date).  We recommend giving yourself more time due to weekends, holidays or unexpected delays.

Necessary legal documents:

Please note that all documents must be submitted in English. Contact the Embassy in your home country or your Embassy in Singapore for an authorized translator. Note that all translated documents must be certified and endorsed. If your documents are translated, be prepared to submit the original copies in your native language for verification as well as the translated version.

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificates
  • Valid Passports
  • Divorce or death certificates, if applicable

Legal requirements to get married:

  • Ceremony (Civil/Religious)

All legally recognized weddings preformed in Singapore are civil ceremonies. The ceremony is preformed in English, Mandarin or Tamil. If either party does not speak any of these languages an interpreter should be hired. Traditional and religious ceremonies are not recognized, although a civil ceremony can accompany your ceremony of choice but must be solemnized by an approved solemnizer. Solemnization outside of the Registry of Marriages can be organized through a solemnization “shop”. Here is a list of licensed solemnizer’s on the Registry of Marriages website.

  • Age and Relation

The bride and groom must be at least 21 years of age. If they are underage, parental consent is necessary. With parental consent, the bride and groom must be at least 18 years of age. Note that the legal age must be met in your home country to be recognized. They cannot be related by blood, marriage or adoption.

  • Witnesses

Two witnesses over 21 years of age must be present at the ceremony and provide their passports.

  • Registry

Either the bride or groom-to-be  must have spent 15 consecutive days in Singapore prior to filing for a Notice of Marriage.

After 15 days, take all paperwork to the in Singapore or file for your Notice of Marriage online. To figure out when you need to file online, click here and choose your planned wedding (solemnization) date.  You will be given the earliest and latest date to file. These dates correspond to the solemnization date needing to be set between 21 days and 3 months from the Notice of Marriage file date. During this time, you may leave and return to the country at your leisure).

Important: Couples will need to have all legal documents, the wedding venue decided, the solemnization date and time, and two witnesses in order to file a Notice of Marriage. If the wedding is planned in a place other than the Registry of Marriages, provide the name and license number of the approved solemnizer.

Once the Notice of Marriage has been filed,  the couple must wait at least 21 days before the solemnization, but no longer than 3 months. During this time, you may leave and return to the country at your leisure. If you need to change your date/time/venue of solemnization, the licensed solemnizer, or the witnesses, that were originally filed on the Notice of Marriage, click here.

After filing, you can search online to see if the application for your Notice to Marry was approved. If it is, both bride and groom-to-be must go to the Registry of Marriages on the date given in order to Verify the Documents and complete the Statutory Declaration.  If either party does not speak English, Mandarin or Tamil an interpreter should be hired for this occasion as well as the solemnization. If marrying outside the Registry of Marriages, the verification and declaration is set up a few days before solemnization.

An Appointment Letter will be issued once the time date and venue are decided, to be brought with Passports, Witnesses and Interpreters (if applicable) to the solemnization.

Marriage certificate:

  • The bride, groom and witnesses will sign the marriage documents at the ceremony. A Certificate of Marriage will be given to the newlyweds.
  • The Certificate of Marriage is issued in the English language. If you need a translation, contact your Embassy for official translators and certification.

Note: This information can change at any given moment. For up-to-date information, contact your embassy in the country in which you plan to marry.

We invite you to contact us with any new information. Be sure to note, “Update Marriage Requirements in Singapore” in the subject line.

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