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Wedding Cakes

Jan 182011
We want to hear your stories!

Where did your fiance pop the ques­tion? How did you feel? Where did this take place?

Pete Proposes to Tamara

The proposal: The dog ball had happened in February of 2006.  It was now August 27th, 2008. Pete drove us to a local winery for dinner and a concert. Overlooking the Silicon Valley, we enjoyed a delicious and romantic dinner. Plates cleared, he leaned in and gave me a business card that I recognized as one of the engagement ring business cards I had given him. I had my heart set on a different, beautiful ring that I found at an antique faire. The card read that he could not afford the ring on this card and that he loved and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. I looked up and he produced the ring from the antique faire and asked me to marry him. I had that ring on my finger faster than I could get a “yes” to form on my lips. Just then, the opening act finished and we sat in our seats for the concert. Lucinda came right out and opened the concert with the first single on her newest album, “Real Love”. Too perfect!