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Wedding Cakes

Jan 182011
We want to hear your stories!

Did you tell any­one about your elope­ment? Did you have to tell a few white lies here and there? Did you plant evi­dence to throw your fam­ily and friends off your elop­ing scent?

Pete and Tamara Prepare to Elope

The set up: Before we left on our elopement and honeymoon, we sent out a “save the date” email to throw everyone off the scent. This “save the date” email was in fact real, however our friends and families assumed this date to be saved was for our wedding. In actuality, we were planning a wedding reception on this date. We had decided that although we were sure we wanted to elope, we also wanted to celebrate our love and newly formed commitment with our families and friends. The fact that we were searching for a venue for our reception and not a wedding took some pressure off. The only two weighing in, my husband-to-be and me, made the choice quite easy. The reception venue was set before we knew anything about our wedding venue.