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How We Met

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Jan 182011
We want to hear your stories!

How did you first meet your spouse or fiance? Was it love at first sight? Was it an enchanted evening across a crowded room? Maybe a match made via com­puter? A blind date, like yours truly? Or an inmate you just fell head over heals for? Were you best friends since kindergarten?

Pete and Tamara Meet

How we met: Pete works for a monthly regional lifestyle magazine. While following up on a story, he heard about my business involving travel pet products. We contacted each other regarding my products. He soon invited my dog and me on our first date to an annual charity event to raise money for shelter dogs; a dog ball. Despite the fact that I vocalized my lack of interest in men, Pete did not rescind his invitation. So, I threw on a black dress and adorned my 100 lb. pup with a bow tie. Sight unseen, Pete came to the door and although he had dimples to die for-I was still planning to hang onto my “men are trouble” attitude. However, we had fun that night and my dog, Henry, approved. So we began to email and talk on the phone.

Picture taken the following year at the Dog Ball, where Henry decided to attend in more casual attire (no bow tie).

Soon after Pete began courting me, I mentioned a wedding I had to go to. I could not believe how much money my friends and their families were spending on weddings. These were down payments on houses, gone in one day. I am an avid traveler and love adventure. I mentioned to Pete that if I were ever to marry, I would definitely elope. He did not let on, but this was music to Pete’s ears.