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Wedding Cakes

Jan 182011
We want to hear your stories!

Did you elope/have a des­ti­na­tion wed­ding and decide to have a recep­tion in your home coun­try? Do you dis­agree with hav­ing a recep­tion after eloping/having a des­ti­na­tion wedding?

If you decided to have a recep­tion, we want to know the details. Look­ing back, are you glad you decided on a reception?

Pete and Tamara’s Reception

The reception: We knew just who we wanted to invite, our mother’s also knew just who they wanted to invite. I suppose for the reason that we had already had our time to share our love, in the way we wanted, left details like guest list decisions, arranged seating or decorations, a non issue. We were happy to accommodate. We decided that we wanted our guests to feel included in our wedding ceremony that we had in Bali. We had our fathers greet guests while we got dressed in our wedding suit and wedding dress. There was a slide show with our young years and courtship time playing. When this finished, my mother announced the bride and groom and we made our entrance along a winding garden path to our guests. Pete thanked everyone for coming and a combination of pictures and video from our wedding day in Bali was projected onto the wall. We ate, drank, listened to father’s toasts (against our request), shared cake, a first dance and spent the evening enjoying our family and friends.

I wouldn’t change a thing. The elopement and reception fit Pete and me to a tee.