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Wedding Cakes

Jan 182011
We want to hear from you!

How did you and your fiance/spouse choose your des­ti­na­tion? I have listed the questions (below) that Pete and I discussed that could be helpful in making your destination decision. Are we miss­ing any crit­i­cal ques­tions that you feel should be addressed?

Where did you two decide to marry? Please select that coun­try (from the top nav­i­ga­tion bar) and post your stories!

Pete and I carefully weighed these questions to figure out our destination:

1. Is there a part of the world that either of us feels very drawn to?

Tamara: Southeast Asia

Pete: Australia/South Pacific

2. Do we want to travel in comfort or a more rustic or adventurous elopement?

Tamara: I want all three elements, if possible.

Pete: A combination, but I would like the bus to have shocks.

3. Is the element of a different culture important?

Tamara: It is to me. I love the Asian culture and eloping feels a lot more exciting and exotic, if we are immersed in a different culture.

Pete: Eloping seems like a great romantic adventure. Adding an exotic location and its cultural traditions is a very special part of  this once in a lifetime event.

4. Do we want to get married in a church, on the beach, scuba diving, on the back of an elephant…?

Tamara: On a beach or jungle with animals around.

Pete: In a church or movie theater with popcorn all around.

5. Is the wedding recognized in the country of our choice or will we need to go to a civil ceremony here, in the United States? Does it matter?

Tamara: It would be nice if it was recognized, but it doesn’t matter. We could do the civil ceremony before or after the elopement…actually, I would rather it be recognized. It would be strange to elope and then come home to get married again. I want to say my vows, sign a license and make it legal, all in one go.

Pete: Wouldn’t it be awful if we got married and found out years later that it was never actually legal?

Tamara: What?! Pete!!

6. Should it be a country we have never seen before?

Tamara: I would like it to be a country I have never been to-more exciting.

Pete: The ultimate adventure is to share an entirely new experience and visit a country neither of us have ever been to but both of us have dreamed of.

7. What kind of weather do we want? What time of year?

Tamara: Rainy season-warm and humid, February is my favorite month in Southeast Asia, by April, it would get too hot for you (Pete). Rain can fall at any time of day, but usually doesn’t last all day.

Pete: Visiting a warm country during a cold North American winter adds a layer of romantic bliss.

8. Do peak seasons matter?

Tamara:  I would rather not go during peak season because airfare and hotel accommodations are more expensive. Plus, there are more travelers out and about. I normally love to meet travelers, however we are not traveling-we are planning an eloping honeymoon that I would like to be serene and mainly about us.

Pete: Yes, going in a slow travel period makes logistics much easier for the arrangements.

9. How long should we go? How long can you take off of work?

Tamara: Southeast Asia/Australia is a long plane ride…it shouldn’t be shorter than two weeks-three or four weeks would be better.

Pete: I can’t take a whole month off from work….

Deductions and Compromises:

Bali-Situated in southern SouthEast Asia, just North of Australia, in Indonesia. It is a different culture with beaches and jungle. It is exotic and adventurous with many high-end indulgences as well as backpacking options. Marriage performed in Bali are legally recognized within the United States. You can get married in a church or jungle or beach, but it must be a religious ceremony. It is warm enough to wear flip-flops the entire time….

Let’s book that ticket!