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  1. Pete and Tamara’s Elopement

    Our elopement: My husband, Peter, and I eloped to Bali and married in Nusa Dua on March 3, 2009. We did our homework and found out that marriages in Bali are legally recognized in the United States. However, only religious wedding ceremonies are preformed in Bali. So we were married in a beautiful open air church, by a warm and engaging minister who I thought I understood perfectly until he lead me to repeat the wedding vows. I struggled to understand and repeat, but made it through. Pete and I exchanged our own vows as well as Balinese rings. A few members of the hotel staff and the woman who made my bouquet came to witness our ceremony.

    Read more about our elopement to Bali, by clicking on Pete’s story for Diablo magazine.

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