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Wedding Cakes



I always knew I wanted to elope. I never dreamed of my perfect wedding day, but once I began traveling, it felt right to connect my passion for travel to making that important lifelong commitment. As soon as Pete proposed, I was ready to pack a bag and hit the road, if not for the ceremony, for the adventure.

Luckily Pete, having vacationed and lived abroad himself, had similar desires, and had also wanted to elope. Aware of the importance of our wedding vows and the strength of our commitment, we had many discussions about what eloping would mean to us, to our families, and to our friends. We understood that we were going to get married, to bring our families together, to share our friends—to unite our worlds with a promise, a ring, a kiss, and a signature.

So we knew that we wanted to elope, but did not want our friends and family to feel excluded. We decided that a reception, at home, should follow to celebrate with our friends and family. If there is one thing I have learned while traveling—no matter how far I go, or how many new friends I make, home is where the heart is—open arms, smiles, memories, and a future is always waiting.

Feeling at peace with our decision, we began to scour the Internet for information about getting married overseas. We found the basics of what we needed, but not until we were on our trip did the idea of this website dawn on me. It has taken nearly two years to research and to launch Eloperite.

Our mission: To share and provide a network of resources and support for couples who have decided to elope, have a destination wedding, or partake in a memorable honeymoon abroad.